BLAND TO GLAM UPCYCLES BLAND TO GLAM UPCYCLES BEFORE DESK This great little find just needed a tune up 200465357 AFTER DESK The transformation of this little gem is gorgeous a little sparkle was added in the hardware We sprayed this sweet desk with oc130 everyone's go to white Cloud White 200465358 BEFORE GRANNIES TEA CART This little tea cart had a clean line that was begging for an update 200612139 AFTER BAR CART The upcycle of this tea cart we sprayed in a high gloss lacquer came out great! Its now a sophisticated bar cart that will work in any surrounding and can be used as a multipurpose piece of furniture. We say cheers to reuse and repurpose! 200612141 BEFORE BUFFET 47 years old and solid wood great lines great bones 200155099 AFTER BUFFET Sanded primed and sprayed in a fab colour Sherwin Williams SW 8707 inkwell. This piece has a new lease on life and will look great as a side board in any dining room now 200155104 BEFORE BAR CART A little blah nothing to rave about 200155100 AFTER BAR CART A custom colour and granite slab on top and bam from bland to glam bar cart 200155102 BEFORE PINE CABINET A bland pine cabinet 200155101 AFTER PINE CABINET This cabinet needed to be brightened up! Sherwin Williams SW7587 Antique Red. What a great statement piece for an entrance. 200155103 AFTER SOLID WOOD CHEST OF DRAWERS After cleaning sanding and priming this beautiful of piece of furniture was brought back to life. Benjamin Moore Cloud Which cc40 was sprayed on this great piece and now its ready for a new life 200192017 AFTER RETRO 4 DRAWER CHEST this retro chest of drawers was given taken up a knotch sprayed in Sherwin Williams low voc #sw6243 Distance 200238834