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                  Re-spray and Re-Fine{d} your cabinets and furniture again

Re-fine[d] Paint Co is a professional spray painting business and we offer quality respraying  services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

Re-fine[d] DIY  Makeover

Re-fine[d] Paint Co will spray your cabinet doors with our professional process  and  offer a DIYer package for your kitchen and bathroom projects wherein we supply the primer and matching paint with full instructions for the remainder of your project.

Re-fine[d] Full Makeover

Also, offered is our custom full service plan wherein our professionals attend to your home mask all the areas off, sand then spray prime and spray the colour finish on the frame areas, gables, bases and uppers your kitchen cabinets. Upon completion of the spraying of the cabinet doors in our facility we will install the newly finished doors for you!

Re-fine[d] & Repurpose

Re-fine[d] Paint Co also believes in REPURPOSE, REDESIGN & REINVENTING the great pieces of furniture that have hidden potential whether it be your heirloom pieces or even those great found items.   We can reinvent these pieces of furniture with the utmost care and breath new life into your decor pieces.  

There are many different  "Re-fine[d]" plans we offer to suit your decor budget!