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                  Re-spray and Re-Fine{d} your cabinets and furniture again


            Re-fine[d] your kitchen cabinetry and furniture again.

Re-fine[d] Paint Co Custom Furniture & Cabinet Re-Spraying is a professional spray painting business. We offer quality spraying to your kitchen cabinetry, as well as your  furniture .  Re-fine[d] Paint Co can respray your existing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for a fraction of a full kitchen renovation cost .  Respraying your existing kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinetry offers an affordable solution with a custom factory finish in your choice of colours to suit your decor as well as your budget.  Re-fine[d] Paint Co can help you choose finishes for metal, and wood.   We welcome your heirloom pieces and those great little finds that you know will be perfect  with a custom finish.   After all, behind every re-styled piece of furniture there is always a great " Re-fine[d] " story .

Here at Re-fine[d] Paint Co you will be pleased to know that our products are environmentally friendly low VOC (volatile organic compound). Our professionals will ensure your furniture and cabinets are cleaned, sanded and primed and then sprayed with top quality Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore  paints.  We believe in reuse, recycle and RE-FINE[D].

Let's discuss your decor ideas. Email us a photo of your project with a brief description for a free quote today!